While you are staying or working from home, ageless skin can be achieved with CALECIM Multi Action Cream (MAC).

As its name suggests, CALECIM® Multi Action Cream delivers multiple benefits to your skin: improving signs of skin laxity and loss of facial volume, visibly smoothening deep wrinkles and lines, and enhancing skin health and resilience.

It may be the first thing you notice, the distinctive 'smell' of the Multi-Action Cream. This is because the formulation is fragrance-free. The smell comes from the high concentration of active ingredient, Rejuvenating Conditioned Media, in the formulation. It contains 50% cell-derived proteins. The smell disappears soon after application and most users don't notice it after a few minutes.

What you would notice though, after two weeks of use: skin that is visibly firmer and healthier.


Summer heat brings moisture loss to your skin. CALECIM® Restorative Hydration Cream (RHC) is a must-have!

CALECIM® Restorative Hydration Cream moisturizes every layer of skin. From the epidermis and beyond. Brings light and life to the most dehydrated skin.

CALECIM® RHC not only replenishes epidermal hydration but also boosts the skin's own moisture production by triggering the cells responsible for hydration and firming. .

The result: improved skin tone, texture and fullness, and a youthful radiance.